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Rotating flags on clothesline

from Doyle Lewis on Jun 20, 2019 at 5:54:08 pm

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Above is a project I have made that rotates the flags on the wire so that the tips of the flags always face down like they would due to gravity. I like to put all the elements in a pre-comp and make a control layer at the top so that the elements you use to customize or keyframe the image are all in one space. My control layer has an option for rotating the wire with the flags in any direction, I wouldn't suggest rotating it more than 60 degrees either direction as the masks for the triangles start to detach from the wire at that angle. You can also change the color of the wire and the color of the outline on the flags by changing the wire color control and the Flag outline control. You can also change the repeating order of the color of flags by changing the colors on the control layer labeled Flag1, Flag2, Flag3 and Flag4. Anyone is free to use this project however they might like.

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