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FCP X Effect: BG Pixel Blaster

from Brendan Gibbons on Aug 18, 2011 at 10:39:38 am

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BG: Effects in FCP X

"BG Pixel Blaster"

This is an FCP X effect preset. This preset is designed for the removal of unwanted pixels from either "locked-off" shots or stills.
The idea behind it was a simple way to help remove dead pixels, but you could also use it as a "digital concealer" to remove spots or blemishes etc.

Basically to work the preset....

1. line the target up over the unwanted area,
2. zoom into the canvas to make sure you have isolated the unwanted pixel
3. Adjust Mask size, feather and blur to suit
4. Turn off "Show Pixel Location" so you can see the area you are about to adjust
5. Adjust "Picture Fix.X" and "Picture Fix.Y" to bring in pixels from surrounding area to fix.
6. Adjust "Blur Picture" if required.
7. Remember to turn off both Pixel Blaster Target and Show pixel Location guides

Drop the folder inside this zip called BG Pixel Blaster into the following directory:

Movies / Motion Templates / Effects / BG Effects /



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